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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a act of sending a commercial mails to group of people at a time. Now a day Promotional Emails had became a one of the important ways to connect to the customers for their business growth. It helps to save your time while growing your system with sales automation and also increase your revenue.

Email Marketing  is really about building a long term relationships with your customers



  • Engagement Emails
  • Transaction Emails


Engagement Emails:

The purpose of this mail is to keep subscribers interest and engaged with your brand even

if they are not want to buy right now,

But if we are in touch and relationship with them they will finally ready to buy when you provide some offer

In this case, you can add some visuals ion this mails like videos and audios that will attract customers.


Types of engagement emails:


Welcome email :

                                This will be the first interaction about your brand to the customer. So in welcome email make your brand clearly understandable and attract your customers.

Tutorial and tips emails:

This is one type of instruction email about your service. It  will helps to make clear view and familiar about your business to the customers (or) subscribers

Customer stories:

Generate the stories about the customer who got success (or) happy, because of your products (or) services. You can also make a video about this stories and upload it. Because most of the customers believe your services. If other customer had given a review (or) get success by the services.

Brand stories:

                                 You can also write stories about your brand. This stories will be from your company (or) your own employers. It were describe the brand positively and pay positive about your products.

Re-Engagement Emails:

May be still now some of the customer is not Engaged with your email (or)service you can send them Re-Engagement email.

According to the customer ,there will be two types. The first in email subject line you can use “Miss you” or” Come back”. The second in subject you can right as dollars (or) some percentage  discount to attract and re- engaged them.



Transactional Emails:

The purpose of this email is to send the transactions mails to own customer. Who had already registered with you. This would be like reminder, offer mail, confirmation mails, reviews and so on.

Cart Abandonment Reminder:

This reminder will send to the customer when they like (or) add some product in their wish list and didn’t buy. This also includes why customer needs to buy this product. This mail will be helpful to increase your profits.

Time sensitive promotions:

                                 In this email we will send the last date for the offer. This offer is may be because of limited available of product (or) offer had been given by company for a limited period of time.

Receipts Emails:

This will be the receipts or confirmation emails to the customer once they finished (or0 complete their transaction. In this email you can also add some extra future like coupon code, offer for next purchase and so on.

Sales Follow-ups:

                                 If you done online trading, then need to follow up a customer till they receive it. Just give the updates about delivery, packing, shipped and so on.

Review request: Once they process had finished get the review from the customer , which will be helpful to growth your business.



  • One of the most important advantage of email marketing is this is lower cost when compare to other mainstream marketing.
  • It will reduce you time and effort. The weeks of work can be completed in just few hours by a single employee.
  • In this you can able to send real time messages to customers that arrives on their birthday or anniversaries.
  • Exponentially better ability to track sales and use engagement.
  • Spreading the information many users just take a few seconds.
  • With email marketing, it becomes easier to understand the customers by knowing what type of graphics, headline, offers and even colors they like and respond.
  • By using email marketing you will help to save planet by reducing the number of trees killed for printing marketing.



SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing:

SMS ( Short Message Service) Marketing is one of the instant form of communication. It helps reach the large amount of customers individually with time-sensitive offers. Most of the people read the text messages instantly so there is less chance for ignoring the message.

Types of SMS Marketing:

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS:

The SMS that had been sent with the aim of promoting their product or services known as a Promotional SMS. It contains any marketing and sales SMS which had preferred or not preferred by the customer. These Message will only get delivered to Non-DND (Do Not Disturb) Customers.

Transactional SMS:

                SMS that had been sent to their own customer in order to update about their business, offers, sales and so on known as transactional SMS. This Message will be get delivered  to both DND and Non-DND customers.

SMS marketing approaches include:

  • Discounts SMS
  • Information about the updates in your business
  • Reminder SMS
  • Greeting SMS

Difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS:

Promotional SMS:

  • SMS can be only send on Non-DND Numbers
  • SMS to DND Number not get delivered automatically and it won’t be charged
  • This Service can be used from 9AM to 9PM
  • It have six digit SENDER ID

Transactional SMS

  • SMS get delivered to both DND and Non-DND Numbers.
  • This service is available 24*7 hours
  • Six Digit Sender ID
  • We can’t able to send any promotional SMS in this.


Suggestion  for SMS Markerting :

  1. Keep the SMS in short
  2. Try not to send SMS after business hours.
  3. Try not to send more than one SMS to the Same recipient in a week.
  4. Give some good reason for SMS
  5. Be Aware and responsible because for SMS also they can mark it as a spam


Benefits of SMS Marketing :

  • SMS get delivered instantly.
  • SMS Marketing is one of the flexible platform to promote your business.
  • Almost every SMS had get opened and read by recipient.
  • Conversion rate will be high because of high open rate.
  • SMS doesn’t have big issue spam or any filter like Email
  • SMS will be short and less than 160 character so it will be easy for a recipient to read.
  • By doing Online Marketing we can save green and make our Earth green.